Steel Taipan Dreamworld

Design, manufacture and install a ‘Near Miss’ rockwork tunnel and archway to the Steel Taipan Roller Coaster at Dreamworld, Australia.
Project Category
Theme Parks
Gold Coast, Australia

Steel Taipan Dreamworld

Pico Play designed, manufactured, and installed a captivating 'Near Miss' rockwork tunnel and archway to elevate the experience of the Steel Taipan Roller Coaster, Australia’s only triple launch coaster.


We undertook the design, manufacture, and installation of the GRC rockwork tunnel and archway for the coaster. Adhering to the safety ride envelope provided by the coaster manufacturers, we designed and installed the rockwork within close proximity to the envelope while ensuring the safety of Dreamworld's customers.


The final result was fantastic, with both the architect and client extremely happy with the finish and the added thrill it provided for their clientele.

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