Outback Springs

Concept design for Outback Springs - first phase of the adopted 10-year master plan at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.
Project Category
Nature Parks
Gold Coast, Australia

Outback Springs

Pico Play took on the responsibility of designing the first phase of the adopted 10-year redevelopment master plan. Part of this first phase was the concept design of an animal nursery and farm experience for young families, to be known as Outback Springs, to provide an immediate attraction whilst the rest of Phase One was being constructed. The client wanted to create an authentic Queensland Outback Experience, particularly aimed at those guests who are not able to visit the real thing.


Pico Play worked with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to design a farmyard experience that showcased appropriate animals in traditional open and enclosed pens enabling animal interactions in a non-threatening environment. Animal pens were located around a central windmill and panning sluice with the natural backdrop of the Australian bush which borders the site.


The execution of the installation demanded the use of authentic “outback” materials. The sympathetic arrangement of buildings and pens gives Outback Springs a child friendly, immersive, animal experience that will segway seamlessly into the greater Kangaroo Country precinct, complete with traditional Homestead building. The animal experience is already immensely popular with international guests and locals alike.

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