Binh Chau Zoo

Design and master plan for a diverse and immersive zoo experience.
Project Category
Nature Parks

Binh Chau Zoo

To create a boutique, diverse and immersive zoo experience as an integral part of a much larger residential, commercial and tourist development. Site shape and topography presented technical challenges to be overcome.


Working with our experienced Zoological team, Pico Play created a selection of exotic animal species that suited the climatic conditions of the region. Species were also selected for their biodiversity and their worldwide ecological significance enabling an overlay of education to the guest experience.


After carefully selecting the species, our master planning process meticulously crafted a guest journey that unveils various animals in their natural habitats, offering a fresh environment and unique experience at every turn. From the expanse of the Savannah to the microhabitat of the New World our client now has a world class facility design which enables guests to experience our fascinating global wildlife.

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