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We are a global powerhouse in creating incredible leisure and entertainment experiences. With a focus on inspired design and spectacular builds, we consistently deliver superior outcomes that bring fun and excitement to our clients and guests.
Customer First
Inspired Design
Spectacular Build
Superior Outcomes
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Developing an unforgettable experience starts with data, insight, and planning.

Market analysis and innovation

Feasibility studies and business case development

Concept design and development

Dream-Inspired Design

At Pico Play, we dream alongside our guests. Putting ourselves in their shoes, we strive to surprise and delight at every turn.

Innovative concept design

Meticulous master planning and execution

Detailed schematic design

Seamless construction drawings

Unique specialty fabrication

We transform your ideas into extraordinary experiences.


Our global network has more than 50 years’ experience in building, fabrication, and project management so we can deliver your project on time and on budget.

Creative engineering 

Theatre design and consultancy 

Thematic ID fit-out 

Thematic construction 

Thematic facades and artwork 

Sculptures, props, and scenic art 

We transform your ideas into extraordinary experiences.


With our creative storytelling and technical wizardry, we can produce a wide range of captivating experiences including:

Narrative-driven performances


Live-action sequences

Stunt shows

Animal conservation presentations

Mesmerizing special effects

Our services 

Concept design and illustrations

Media production

Script and storyboarding

Costume design

Set design and build

Recruitment, training, and marketing support

Technical design

Show control systems

Live productions (seasonal and permanent)


The delivery of an unforgettable experience comes from mapping the customer journey and understanding every touchpoint.
Mapping the customer journey for unforgettable experiences:

Concept and design 

People resources 

Shows and entertainment

Safety and technical

Business improvement 

Marketing and communications

Technology and innovation 

Business planning 

Customer service 

Operations management 

Corporate Presentations

Experience a glimpse into our work. We would be delighted to meet you and showcase our credentials, offering our expertise to create fun together.