Project Zero

Pico Play was responsible for concept and design development of the attraction at Gumbuya World, Australia.
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Theme Parks
Melbourne, Australia

Project Zero

Gumbuya World is a water, wildlife & theme park in Victoria, Australia. In late 2021 Gumbuya World purchased their first thrill coaster ever, a 46m high ‘Skyloop’ coaster. The attraction had to be integrated into the existing park, with sensitivity to guest flow, sightlines and noise. From the early stages of the project, the client was drawn to a space theme (owing the main tower of the ride structure resembling a rocket launch tower) so the challenge was to adapt this type of theme to the existing “Australiana” theme of the park.


Pico Play took inspiration from Australia’s contributions to the space race and developed a theme based around a secretive rocket testing facility deep in the outback: A.S.T.R.O, the Australian Space Technology Research Organization. The ride would be a test, subjecting guests to the types of forces they would experience during a real space mission. The load station features a modern industrial look, with plenty of  thematic details.


Pico Play was responsible for concept and design development of the attraction, with Gumbuya’s in house team completing construction works. The ride was completed on time for the Christmas holidays, and  was an immediate success, drawing national media attention and resulted in Gumbuya’s busiest summer on record.

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