Wild Island, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Concept design & build - Water play based children's attraction.
Project Category
Nature Parks
Gold Coast, Australia

Wild Island, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Pico Play’s themed attraction expertise brought a fresh sense of on-brand excitement to the ‘Wild Island Adventure Splash Zone’ at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Gold Coast, Australia.


Dated and underutilised, the Zone was well past due for a crowd-pleasing new look. Taking constraints such as flood levels, soil conditions and nearby trees into consideration, the team revamped its concept and developed a new design. PicoPlay’s considerable experience of designing splash pad filtration systems and rockwork was key to creating a cohesive, fun, and spacious outcome.


The delivered result was an invigorating new water play for children with a look and feel that tied in with the ‘Wild Island’ theme as specified by the client. The finished Zone features a tipping bucket, flumes, pop jets and whimsical native animals to immerse visitors in ‘wilderness’.

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