Tiki Water Park

Creation of a Polynesian themed park for Novaland, Aloha Tropicana Park.
Project Category
Water & Surf Parks
Ho Tram, Vietnam

Tiki Water Park

The challenge was to create a Polynesian themed park consisting of a small waterpark, a lakeside park, an FEC and a dry adventure park which will promote Novaland’s adjoining residential developments and cater local visitors and tourists. There were budget constraints, a relatively small area to work with and a tough contour of sand dunes to design around.


The solution was to propose colorful family oriented Polynesian themed elements, with playful tiki statues, with ample lush landscape space, and provide enough public space to capture the intended market, without over providing costly attractions beyond the budget. As for the tough contours, the solution was to design the ground levels as close as possible to the existing contours.


The result of the design was a colorful Polynesian themed environment with attractions catering for family type demographics, offering ample space for visitors, including beach bars, themed restaurants, and ample shade areas as well.

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