Hub Zero

Design concept, interior fit-out and deliver of themed environments.
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Family Entertainment Centres

Hub Zero

Pico Play provided design concept, interior fit-out and delivered themed environments for this exciting and ground-breaking project, creating the design based on points of view and floor plans provided by the main contractor.  In addition, Pico Play helped create an oversized crayon fence and oversized ruler in the children’s play area, create ruined and weathered effects on various wall sand also carve a life-size 3D model of a Zombie Boy (a character from the hit game Plants Vs Zombies). Our efforts led to Hub Zero’s extraordinary synergy – this project is much greater than the sum of its parts, and has become a truly thrilling place which visitors will be able to enjoy and “live the game” long into the future.


Hub Zero is a place where the walls between reality and the virtual universe are blurred. Once visitors pass through the lobby area, they enter a totally different dimension: the gaming area. Here, they are presented with a series of street sand zones to explore, each realised in fantastic futuristic style. In this fantasy world, the guests can view key scenes from their favourite computer games at the entrance to each attraction. Using eye-catching signage and 3Delements, we created focal points for each one of the world-famous games, with these iconic elements highlighted through focused and dramatic lighting. Each attraction also has a media presentation at its entrance, displaying the relevant images and scores of the participating guests. The futuristic styling of Hub Zero’s architecture gives the entire space a hyper-modern, cutting-edge feel. Familiar signs and buildings appear subtly different as guests bathe in the warm neon glow, feeling a sense of mystery and magic emanating from the streets.


Hub Zero is the first indoor video game park in the Gulf region, offering an impressive array of immersive virtual reality attractions. This “gamers’ paradise” is located in Dubai’s prestigious City Walk development. Spanning two floors and 15,000 sq. m., Hub Zero provides an abundance of dynamic attractions for lovers of digital games of all ages. These include VR and multiplayer games, a LAN gaming area and a 4D cinema, as well as more traditional sources of fun like karaoke booths, a café and pool tables.

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