Aladdin’s Grand Palace Tour

‘Aladdin’s Grand Palace Tour’ is a magic carpet ride at VinWonders Phu Quoc, Vietnam.
Project Category
Theme Parks
Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Aladdin’s Grand Palace Tour

Vinpearl proposed a unique interpretation of Aladdin, moving beyond the commonly known "Open Sesame!" and treasure-filled cave, by showcasing Aladdin's world wide travels and treasures, culminating in a magical night-time journey on a flying carpet through a mystical city.


Given the nature of the building allocated for the attraction and the intimate nature the spaces Pico Play's design team decided to focus on exquisite detailing of floors, walls and ceilings all framed around showcasing the many artifacts and treasures acquired form the exotic corners of the globe.  The Genie, also a key figure in the Aladdin story, would make an appearance in a cloud of smoke greeting guests before they boardered the Magic Carpet.  


With a talented team of designers, artists and installation crew and meticulous attention to detail, the attraction exceeded client expectations by turning a seemingly long preshow experience into a compelling and memorable journey.

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