5 reasons why you should hire an intern

Every year we have seen more friendly inter faces join our growing team, across our six different locations globally.‍
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Pico Play
Published on
11th November, 2020

Since Pico Play's inception back in 2016, this humble design and build family has been growing strength by strength, partly thanks to our clever interns. Every year we have seen more friendly faces join our growing team, across our six different locations globally.

Many graduates in Australia and across the world find themselves in a bind when it comes to securing their first piece of work outside of university - they can’t get a job because they don’t have the required experience, yet they can’t get the experience because they don’t have a job. Pico Play have had a number of exceptionally bright graduates join us over the years, all of which have been offered a position of employment at the conclusion of their internship.

Our interns so far have come from a wide range of fields and from differing institutions, for example: Digital Media 3D/Product Design from Griffith University, Business & Event Management at Southern Cross University, Interactive Media and Design from Bond University, Civil Engineering from Site Institute Brisbane, Business/Commerce (Marketing) from Monash University and Architecture from The University of Queensland. Our interns have gone on to assume roles in the relevant business units as Attraction Designers, Business Development Coordinators, Project Designers, Quantity Surveyors and Marketing Executives.

Internships can become an invaluable experience for graduates; they gain professional work experience, they can explore a career path, make connections and network with peers, gain confidence and earn money. However, it is more so the employers who host graduates that are also finding that interns bring a multitude benefits to the organisation. Just some of the reasons we have found for bringing on interns includes:

1. Introducing a new dynamic to the workplace - Interns can bring a fresh perspective to the organisation and its projects, perhaps in a new and unbiased light.

2. Progressing the organisation – Interns can highlight the new and updated tools and methods available within an industry.

3. Accessing talent – Graduates represent some of the best up-and-coming talent in the industry.

4. Mentorship opportunities – More senior members of an organisation can pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation.

5. Develops strong leaders – Employees who take the time to guide and educate others can build strong leaderships skills, and even reflect on their own technical skills!

And the best part, some of our standouts intern were the ones that had the courage and initiative to make a call, send in their resumes and ask for an internship. You can’t beat assertion!

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