Creating sustainable mixed reality in entertainment spaces

Imagine stepping into a world where digital and physical realms blend seamlessly. This is the promise of mixed reality spaces in entertainment precincts.
Written by
Ty Curtis
Published on
5th February, 2024

Imagine stepping into a world where digital and physical realms blend seamlessly. This is the promise of mixed reality spaces in entertainment precincts. This new breed of experiences are well positioned to emerge as an exciting contender to offer guests unique and captivating, interactive adventures.

For mixed reality spaces to succeed, however, it is essential to plan carefully and consider key factors, avoiding the short comings of previous immersive location-based concepts. 

1. Modular Design

Building mixed reality spaces with modular components allows for flexibility and scalability. As tech or creative evolve, you can easily adapt different sections of the space without a complete overhaul. Think modular stage set, you might see in a school theatre.  


2. Adaptive Experiences

Visitors have diverse preferences, so offering a range of experiences within your mixed reality space is crucial. From heart-pounding adventures to relaxing explorations, catering to various tastes ensures broader appeal.


3. User-Friendly Interfaces

The success of mixed reality experiences relies on user engagement. Creating intuitive, user-friendly interfaces helps visitors quickly understand how to interact with the technology, making their journey more enjoyable.


4. Seamless Integration 

To maintain the illusion of a continuous, immersive world, ensure that the physical and digital aspects of your space seamlessly blend together. This integration should be both visually and functionally flawless. There has been some incredible progress in this space by Mohamed Kari and his team with scene responsiveness with mixed reality headsets. Check out their latest video here


5. Remote Management Systems

Efficiently managing and updating content is vital for maintaining the freshness of your mixed reality space. Implement remote management systems to make content updates and bug fixes hassle-free.


6. Scalable Hardware

As technology advances, hardware requirements may change. Investing in scalable hardware solutions allows you to adapt to new technology trends without major financial investments.


7. Safety Measures

The safety of visitors is paramount. Incorporate safety protocols, such as emergency exits and protective gear, to ensure that participants can enjoy experiences without risks.


8. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Consider the environmental impact of your mixed reality space. Choose sustainable materials and practices during construction and implement energy-efficient technologies to reduce the carbon footprint.


9. Accessibility

Ensure that your mixed reality experiences are accessible to a wide range of individuals, including those with disabilities. Implement features like audio descriptions and tactile interfaces to provide an inclusive experience.


10. Collaboration with Local Artists and Creators 

Foster partnerships with local artists and creators to infuse unique content and storytelling into your mixed reality spaces, enhancing authenticity. One of the biggest success stories of this thinking is the ever expanding Meow Wolf


Creating sustainable and scalable mixed reality spaces for entertainment precincts is a complex but rewarding endeavour. Pico Play & Activate Studios stand as pioneering forces in the evolution of this space. By embracing these ten essential factors, their collaboration not only shapes unforgettable destinations but also assists in designing long-lasting, innovative spaces filled to the brim with imagination. 

Interested in the world of mixed reality? Feel free to reach out to discuss how these innovative spaces can transform your entertainment precinct. We're excited to share ideas and insights—let's connect and explore the possibilities together.

Ty Curtis-Activate Studios

Ty Curtis is an innovative entrepreneur and leader in the world of immersive entertainment. As the Founder of Activate Studios, Ty has been shaping the landscape of extended reality (XR) experiences since 2012.

An ability to predict future trends, take calculated risks and execute in a commercial manner has sent Ty all around the world working with global brands like BMW, Suzuki, Lendlease and Jimmy Choo.

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