After Dark – Activate a brand; a place; a city like no other with light

Welcome to the world of light art installations, where creativity knows no bounds, and the power of light brings spaces to life in the most breathtaking ways. In After Dark, we delved into the captivating world of light art, shedding light on why you should consider incorporating it into your attraction or venue. We'll explore the magic of light art and its potential to transform spaces, create immersive experiences, and drive tourism and revenue.
Written by
Jessica Farias
Published on
8th November, 2023

Light: The Universal Immersive Experience

Light is an immersive experience with universal appeal. It transcends boundaries and captivates people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. Light art installations are not confined to predefined dimensions or spaces. They can adapt to the available space, making each design unique to its location.

“Light is a form of communication. Light is both a particle and a wave, physical and formless. It naturally expands through connections, and the less dense the energy it encounters, the more it expands. Light is a medium through which humans and businesses can express themselves and connect. It draws us in like moths to aflame” says Bruce Ramus, Director at Ramus Illumination.

Moreover, light is inherently respectful to the environment, making it a sustainable choice in an increasingly eco-conscious world. Light art installations can be introduced to spaces that have never witnessed them before, creating a sense of wonder and excitement.

Ramus Illumination - Lunar, The Star

Attractions: Beyond Physicality, Focused on Emotions

Attractions are not just about physical form or movement. They are, at their core, about evoking emotions and creating stress-free, enjoyable experiences. It's less about the physical impact and more about how they make us feel. Light art installations align perfectly with this philosophy, offering a unique and memorable emotional impact.

From a commercial standpoint, light art can be a game-changer. It reimagines underutilized spaces, breathing new life and emotion into them. Light art installations have broad appeal and can showcase a destination or location, driving tourism and visitation.

“It makes sense to reimagine space that may not be used for other commercial or attraction purposes. It does create an emotional impact. They open the door to a new revenue stream, making it a double opportunity with attractions by day and light art by night” says Noel Dempsey, Business Director at Pico Play.

Pico Group - iLight

The Menu of Light Art Solutions

There's a diverse menu of solutions to cater to various project needs:

  1. Place Art: Enhancing existing infrastructure to create a destination.
  2. Event: Short-term attractions with a business case and operational plan, lasting six months to two years.
  3. Event at Attraction: Expanding existing attractions to include a nighttime experience for added revenue and greater visitation.
  4. Experience: Theatre-like attractions with amore extensive business case, lasting three to five years.
  5. Epic and Monumental: Large-scale attractions meant to put locations on the map, backed by a detailed business plan and market study.
Pico Group - Bahrain Festival

Light art installations are a transformative and magical addition to any attraction or venue. They hold the power to draw people in, create memorable experiences, and generate revenue, all while respecting the environment. If you're ready to explore the world of light art and enhance your attraction or space, the partnership between Pico Play and Ramus Light Art Installation is here to make your vision shine brightly. Light is the language of connection, and it's time to let it tell your story in a brilliant new way.

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