5 Reasons Why Theming is Important in Hotels and Resorts

Creating a striking point of difference through theming has the power to draw people to your destination hotel and keep them coming back.
Written by
Daniel Steffe
Published on
04th June, 2024

Theming plays a crucial role in the hospitality industry, and when we talk about hotels and resorts this is no different. It goes beyond mere decoration; it sets the tone, creates memorable experiences, differentiates one hotel from another and decide the popularity of that hotel. From a consistent creative design approach to the addition of large-scale family entertainment centres and water parks; the possibilities are endless.  

Campervan Haven - Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

  1. Creates Memorable Experiences: Theming adds a layer of uniqueness and personality to a hotel, making it more memorable for guests. Whether it's a historical theme that transports guests to a different era or a nature-inspired theme that brings the outdoors inside, a well-executed theme can leave a lasting impression.
  1. Enhances Brand Identity: Theming helps hotels establish and reinforce their brand identity. A cohesive theme throughout the hotel, from the pool area to the rooms, helps guests understand what the hotel stands for and what experience they can expect. This can be particularly effective for boutique hotels looking to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. For example, a well-themed pool area can evoke a sense of tranquility or luxury, depending on the theme, enhancing the overall ambiance of the hotel.
  2. Increases Guest Engagement: A well-thought-out theme can enhance guest engagement by creating a sense of curiosity and exploration. Guests are more likely to explore different areas of the hotel and share their experiences on social media, which can lead to increased visibility and word-of-mouth marketing.
  3. Improves Guest Satisfaction: Themed hotels are often more immersive and experiential, leading to higher levels of guest satisfaction. Guests appreciate the attention to detail and effort put into creating a unique and memorable stay, which can result in positive reviews and repeat business.
  4. Showcases Creativity and Innovation: Theming external areas allows hotels to showcase their creativity and innovation. For example, Pico Play's work at JW Marriott, where we created a far superior, long-lasting rockwork façade in the pool area, demonstrating the ability to create unique and visually stunning designs that enhance the guest experience.

JW Marriott Grotto
JW Marriott - Grotto

Theming is not just about decoration; it's about creating a unique and memorable experience for guests. By investing in theming, hotels can enhance their brand identity, increase guest engagement, and ultimately improve guest satisfaction.


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