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10 tips for the long-term development of theme parks in Vietnam

On November 10, Darren McLean, Director of Pico Play gave a speech on the 10 keys to theme park success for the Vietnam market at the Meet The Experts (MTE) symposium at Melia Hotel, in Hanoi.
Wehub Community and Savills Hotels cooperated to organize the Real Estate and Resort event -with more than 20 speakers who are leading experts. The conference brings the latest information on the real estate – hotel market, and other trending and investment topics.
According to the Director of Pico Play, people long to spend time experiencing new unique places of entertainment with family and friends. Right now, Vietnam is under the growth of the middle class aged 25-35, who really want to experience high-quality entertainment services, this will help underpin the long-term growth of the tourism industry. This market segment will have strong competition and options to choose from. Creating a point of difference for your attraction is vital to the long-term success of your destination.


10 keys to success in theme parks and entertainment


1. Cater to the whole family: Since this is the main market, family groups tend to experience together and bring in a larger income than retail customers.
2. Create an arrival experience: This has been shared in a lot of workshops, a sense of arrival helps to ease the tension when visitors feel overwhelmed, helping to create a positive mood for visitors.
3. Give service with a smile: It is part of customer service training and should be implemented in all departments.
4. Employee experience operators: Recruiting experienced and highly specialized operators, applying management software in a systematic and safe manner.
5. Grow secondary revenue streams: The main revenue comes from ticket sales (accounting for 60-70%) but actually net profit is from side revenue streams, such as selling food, drinks, merchandise, events, etc. It is necessary to have a plan from the beginning and gradually increase the resources over time.
6. Activate the night-time economy: It is necessary to activate the evening when it is possible to organise programs (parades, events, water music performances, lights,) in the evening to keep customers staying longer and spend more.
7. Create the atmosphere: There should be live entertainment programs, performance characters, and background music, to create atmosphere, and inspire excitement for tourists.
8. Plan for phased attractions: This is important for the sustainable development of the business as it is based on space, time, budget, products, and services for trips, and destinations in the future. It takes a plan from the beginning to help increase sales and attract customers to visit and return.
9. Keep it cool: The visit will be meaningful when customers feel comfortable during their visit. Therefore, it is necessary to have more shade, rest stops, or install fans, to encourage visitors to stay longer, creating a better experience.
10. Capture your guest’s memories: Maximize your guests’ memories-keeping experience by helping them take photos or appear in their frames. From there, visitors can remember the brand and recommend it to their friends.



Long-term development orientation in Vietnam


Pico Play aims to become the exclusive brand that undertakes the entire design and construction process in the field of attractions. In addition, the company is going to develop sustainably and long-term in the Vietnam market to become a reliable partner to help investors and businesses realise and specialise their investment in entertainment centers such as theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, etc.  Pico Play can assist to enhance competitive advantages in the period when this industry is transforming, helping to bring Vietnam’s theme parks and entertainment and also the tourism industry to a new level.
Pico Play is part of the Pico Group which has more than 2,000 employees in 35 cities and a production facility of up to 100,000 square meters. The company draws resources from leading entertainment brands from around the world. From there, it helps to expand domestic and foreign cooperation, and expand opportunities and potentials for investment in this field in the Vietnamese market.


Hai Duong fabrication facility in Vietnam.

About Pico Play


Pico Play specialises in the planning, design, development, and construction of world-class themed attractions and entertainment that deliver exceptional and memorable experiences to millions of people.  At the global level, Pico Play has worked with leading entertainment, travel, and entertainment companies in the world such as Disney, Singapore Zoo, and Universal Studios. In Vietnam, Pico Play is cooperating with Sun Group, Novaland, Sunny World, and Bao Son Group to implement a series of entertainment projects in the near future. Previously, the company also cooperated with VinGroup and completed the items within the VinWonder Phu Quoc entertainment complex. The company has a new office and fabrication facility in Hai Duong near Hanoi’s capital, expanding its operation scale to service and support large-scale projects in the region.