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Surf parks, the next destination holiday experience


The surf park industry is booming – if you haven’t heard, with over 75 Surf Parks in planning alone in all corners of the globe. Destination surf parks are a dream for surfing enthusiasts and offer a safe space for all those beginners eager to learn, all whilst delivering one perfect wave after another.


Surf park experiences, however, are not all about the surfing. It certainly is the big draw card, but just like skiing holidays, not everyone will be speeding down the slopes at all hours of the day. With these ‘destination holidays’ comes all the other parts of the equation – the accommodation, surrounding activities and attractions, the food and beverage, entertainment, retail, the list goes on.


Surf parks are well placed to become the next destination holiday for those seeking a unique and fresh experience. And that’s where Pico Play are able to help.

A Perfect Match for the Surf Park Industry


With our wealth of experience in water parks, theme parks, zoos, aquariums and most things ‘attraction based’, we are perfectly aligned to help create the next engaging surf park experiences around the globe.


Our capabilities in feasibility studies, concept design, and masterplanning lead to a sound understanding of intricacies and decisions of large-scale attractions. Even once the surfing component is ready to commence, our experience in operations can also ensure maximum efficiency and output.


Connected to our global network within Pico Group means we have presence across 34 different cities, who collectively offer more than 50years experience in brand activation and brand development.


End-to-end offering for surf parks


Pico Play are excited to offer our end-to-end solutions for surf park developments. With our combined experience, global network and unique offering, we are dedicated to providing owners and developers a successful surf park destination.


We are committed to the clients and customers’ needs by remaining technology impartial – we will let the developer decide what type of technology is best suited for their needs and work with them to plan.


We also look towards creating the best ancillary offerings that maximise the guest experience. Whether it is adding world-class food & beverage or developing it within a residential community, we will be able to add complementary add-ons that are best suited for the project.


“Every project needs to start and end with deep understanding of the customer and surfers are a very particular breed. Our approach is to understand the market and then map what I call the complete surfer journey.  A complete experience means far more than just the wave. We need to understand the touch points at every stage of a surf park and then create a complete offer for what surfers need, want and is aligned to their values. This can extend to hospitality, service, environmental sustainability and more. The wave is critical but there is more to the total experience,”

Noel Dempsey – Business Director for Pico Play.


Want to know more?

To find out how Pico Play can bring your Surf Park to fruition contact pico-play@pico.com






Business Director, Pico Play


Noel’s CV reads like a list of dream jobs with CEO, COO, board and executive leadership roles at companies including Aspen Parks and Resorts, Dreamworld and WhiteWater World, Sky City Casino and Entertainment Group, YUM Brands International and tourism bodies across Queensland and Victoria.


The twists and turns of Noel’s career have brought him to Pico Play where he funnels his innate spirit of adventure and fun into growing the global reach of a company that is already blazing a trail in the design and construction of world-class themed attractions and entertainment.


An unabashed “customer guy”, Noel has honed his energetic, hands-on leadership style over decades of experience into one with a laser-focus on both the customer and the team.